At last we have got an outlook of IPHONE 7

At last we have got outlook of i phone 7

I PHONE! A product which has owned its reputation all over the world produced by a leading company APPLE. every one in the word were addicted to this magical product made by Mr.steve jobs. as they are unable to make any internal changes to that phone after his death.Every year they are making few external changes to it.

As we all have seen the recent model I PHONE 6 S plus we have few eternal changes for this new model. we have been given two cameras at the back and 3 types of sensors additionally.the thickness of the phone is also reduced to 7.14 mm. and more over audio jack has been removed so, we have to choose an wireless headphones for iphone 7.

And we have got a different background color something bluish. However we have got an outlook of this most awaited product and I am sure that it is above the expectations of the audience.

source : Unbox Therapy

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